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Image galleries, 360º panoramas and fly-through videos lack the perspective and “feel” that home buyers and sellers crave. A HomeScan 3D model creates an emotional connection with the home.



Viewing properties via the 3D floorplan takes selling and renting real estate to another level. It like looking down at the property without the roof attached. It's truely amazing.

3D Showcase
Bring Listings to Life

Engage buyers. Delight sellers. The Homescan 3D Showcase is the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online.
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What is HomeScan?

Vendors & Landlords

Homescan to the end user is a new easy to use 3D model property viewing platform. It works seamlessly as the user navigates through the property via a website browser on any device or PC. Take it a step further and properties can be viewed using a VR headset for a truly immersive experience which needs to be seen to be believed. It makes viewing the property more enjoyable and takes the guess work about which photo goes with which room.

Real Estate Agents
Sales and Property Management

For the realestate office, it’s an opportunity to show your clients through multiple properties without leaving the office. It presents a chance to invite the customer into the office to discuss properties with you over a coffee. By exposing more properties to more clients, it will also generate more walk throughs which every vendor wants and expects. Get your rentals scanned and you’ll be able to show potential renters through properties without disturbing the existing occupants of the home.